Elgin Cahill


Elgin is an award-winning film and television producer, writer, and director.  His television producing credits include Stand UP!, Cash Cowboys, and the PBS documentary, Keep a Light in Your Window.  His feature film writing/directing credits include Beware the Lake, Diablo Canyon and Ryde or Die.  Five years ago, Elgin met Matt Chavez and Seth Lamos when they came together to produce season one of the Pop TV series, Cash Cowboys.  Since then, they have traveled the country, creating hours upon hours of stunning and compelling film, television, corporate, and promotional content.

Elgin grew up in Queens, New York.  As an occasional “child actor”, he landed sporadic gigs in print ads and television commercials.  He was also a voracious writer of short stories, and one of them was published in Jabberwocky magazine when he was in 6th grade.  Early in his career, the Walt Disney Corporation optioned one of Elgin’s TV-movie scripts, making him a working screenwriter at the age of 19.  Since then, he has worked in virtually every aspect of production and worked various crew positions, from production assistant to cinematographer, to editor and director.

Elgin lives in Denver, Colorado, and is currently directing the upcoming feature film, Colorado Christmas.


Seth Lamos studied filmmaking under the guidance of legendary professors Phil Solomon and Stan Brakhage.  As he gained valuable industry experience working on various types of projects, Seth honed his skills in many different crew positions..  In 2012, Seth launched Lamos Productions, with an emphasis on the scalability of his crew sizes to meet the needs of any client or project.  In 2015, Seth joined forces with Matt Chavez and Elgin Cahill to form a new production company, Mayonnaise Productions.

Seth’s list of credits is extensive, and includes production work on everything from major network television shows, to narrative and documentary films, to major sports teams such as the Denver Broncos.


Seth Lamos

Matt Chavez


Matt has been working as a freelance Producer, Director of Photography, and Editor for 20 years. During that time, his creativity and attention to detail have led the way in producing effective corporate video content (NVIDIA, Toshiba, RE/MAX, Stryker) and entertaining TV and streaming content (ESPN, Showtime, Associated Television Int'l, Getty Images). A few career highlights include working on American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, Real Housewives, Extra!, and Showtime Boxing -- providing opportunities to work with incredibly talented artists including Kobe Bryant, Albert Pujols, Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Shannon Elizabeth, Jane Seymour, Eric Roberts, and Demi Lovato.

Matt grew up in Boulder, CO and graduated from CU Boulder, where he started an early career in marketing. He soon discovered his love and talent for video production, which eventually led him to work with Elgin Cahill and Seth Lamos on POPTV's "Cash Cowboys". The three "Swiss Army Knives" then took over all production for the second season of the show, where they grew a tight working relationship that quickly evolved into Mayonnaise Productions.

Matt currently resides in Broomfield, CO with his wonderful wife and two beautiful daughters.