A well-crafted commercial production has a theme that is guided by the core values of the organization it represents. It conveys a message in a way that makes an emotional connection with the viewer. It inspires, informs, and provokes. It compels the viewer to consider new concepts and new ideas.

It takes a team of skilled artists to create a video that achieves all of the above goals. Doing it in 60 seconds or less is another challenge entirely. And the creative part is only half the battle. Once your spot is edited, scored and polished, you also need to ensure that it is technically solid. Broadcasters and syndicators have strict delivery requirements regarding frame rates, encoding formats, releases and captions, etc.

Your friends at Mayonnaise Productions have a successful track record of producing engaging and compelling commercial production spots which meet the most stringent of delivery requirements. From initial consultations, to crafting and translating your vision to video, to scoring and final editing, we will partner with you through every step of the commercial production process. Whether we are producing a national television spot, or a spot for a local cable TV affiliate, always begin with the end in mind, to ensure that your commercial is ready for prime time. Click here to check out some of our most recent commercial projects.